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Not everyone is born wealthy. However, with proper and disciplined investment planning everyone has an opportunity to become wealthy. Welcome to the field of Personal Finance!

Personal Finance is defined as the management of money and financial decisions for a person or family including budgeting, saving, tax planning, retirement planning and investments. The core of Personal Finance is Financial Planning – the process of developing a personal road map for your financial well-being.  It helps put in place the risk management system to meet uncertainties of life and ensures one has sufficient funding available to meet life goals at appropriate time.

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Financial Planning is an area that impacts everyone, yet not everyone is aware of its nuances. Although essential, it is not widely taught as part of college curriculum. Even the people trained in Finance or Economics and working in the Financial Services sector lack the skills necessary for Personal Finance. And, if you are someone with no background in economics or finance, this can be outright confusing. In an industry where mis-selling is rampant, this can prove very costly. Do visit our About Us section to know in what ways we can help you.

Pro-F Financial Consultants works with just this aim of helping individuals and families in the area of Financial Literacy and designing cost-effective and optimum solutions for their short and long term financial goals. Reach us through the Contact Us page and you can always be sure of honest and transparent advice on any Personal Finance query.